Forensic Economic Analysis and Testimony

THE CENTER FOR FORENSIC ECONOMIC STUDIES is a leading provider of expert economic analysis and testimony. Our economists and statisticians consult on matters arising in litigation, with a focus on the analysis of economic loss and expert witness testimony on damages.

We assist with discovery, uncover key data, critique opposing claims and produce clear, credible reports and expert testimony. Attorneys and their clients have relied on our expertise in thousands of cases in jurisdictions across the country.

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CFES CLE Program Catalog 2017

The Center for Forensic Economic Studies has released the 2017 CLE Program Catalog.

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Personal Injury Damages / Wrongful Death Damages
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Personal Injury Damages /
Wrongful Death Damages

What economic damage did the tort victim or the victim's family members suffer? Elements of loss may include such items as lost future earnings, the value of lost household services, past and future medical expenses and lost pension benefits.
Commercial Loss / Business Interruption
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Commercial Loss /
Business Interruption

What did a business lose as the result of a tort or breach of contract? Does a business-interruption claim overlook or overstate elements of damages? Damages may include lost profits, reduced enterprise value, lost clients and lost opportunity costs.
Economic-Damages Claims in Employment Matters
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Economic-Damages Claims
in Employment Matters

What is the impact of an individual or group dismissal, layoff or other employment decision? Economic-loss issues may include front pay and back pay, mitigation efforts on the part of the plaintiff, probable rate of catch-up to previous employment earnings, expected re-employment data and current industry conditions.
Employment-Discrimination Analysis
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Employment-Discrimination Analysis

Was a layoff or other employment action biased against a group or individual? Analysis may require chi-square tests or similar analyses of statistical significance to determine whether disparate-impact claims are warranted.
Business Valuation
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Business Valuation

What is the economic value of a business or professional practice? Every business is unique – depending on the case at hand, a particular valuation model might be most appropriate in assessing the actual economic value. An analysis might include a review of such variables as market comparables, discounted cash flows and asset valuation.

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