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The Center for Forensic Economic Studies team includes doctoral-level forensic economists, statisticians and other forensic professionals specializing in accounting, business valuation, real-estate appraisal, human resources, pension issues and information technology.


Chad L. Staller, JD, MBA, MAC, CVA

President, Senior Economist

James Markham, Ph.D., J.D., CPCU

Senior Economist

Bernard F. Lentz, Ph.D.

Senior Economist

David R. Adams

Senior Economist / Statistician / MIS Director

Stephen M. Dripps

Senior Economist / Statistician

Brian Conley

Senior Economist

Alan B. Winikur, C.P.A.

Senior Consultant

Charles L. Sodikoff, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

In Memoriam:

Jerome M. Staller, Ph.D.

In Memoriam

Brian P. Sullivan, Ph.D.

In Memoriam
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