Employment Litigation Damages

Wrongful Termination

The Center for Forensic Economic Studies has earned a position at the forefront of damages analysis in employment litigation, as evidenced by the large number of nationally significant labor and employment matters in which Center economists have been retained.

Damages in employment cases are affected by a number of issues, including mitigation efforts on the part of the plaintiff, the state of relevant labor markets, the extent of back- and front-pay remedies, and the valuation of fringe benefits, including employee stock options. Center economists have developed a particular expertise in the analysis of these variables and have written and lectured widely on employment damages topics.

Center economists have analyzed damages claims in wrongful discharge, failure-to-hire, failure-to-promote, workplace defamation matters, and a variety of other causes of action from both plaintiff and defense perspectives.

In addition to analyzing damages claims in employment litigation, Center economists write on this topic for professional journals. Articles on labor and employment damages issues by Center staff members include:

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