Personal Injury Damages

Compensation For Personal Injury

Center for Forensic Economic Studies economists are leaders in the analysis of damages in personal injury and wrongful death litigation, and have testified as experts in jurisdictions across the country.

In analyzing damages in personal-injury and wrongful-death matters, the Center works closely with clients, gathering necessary data, identifying relevant issues and calculating the actual extent of economic loss. The Center’s forensic economists analyze such damage elements as lost earning capacity, fringe benefits, medical costs, life-care plans, productivity, lost household services and reduction to present value.

The Center has been retained in many significant cases of national scope, including the MGM fire mass-tort litigation, the DuPont Plaza fire litigation, the Lockerbie air disaster and the Bendectin class action, in which the Center acted as a court-appointed expert. Center economists helped many of the families of 9/11 victims recover damages under the September 11th Victims’ Compensation Fund.

In addition to testifying as expert witnesses in injury cases, Center for Forensic Economic Studies economists speak at law firms, bar associations and before professional associations on issues in persona-injury and wrongful-death damages litigation.

They also write on this topics for professional journals. Articles by Center staff on on personal injury and wrongful death damages issues include:

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