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Expert Witness for Forensic Economics

The Center for Forensic Economic Studies has earned a national reputation as a leading provider of expert analysis in matters arising in litigation, focusing on economic loss and expert witness testimony on damages.

Since 1980, our team of economists, statisticians, accounting experts, and other forensic professionals has worked with leading firms, assisting with discovery; uncovering key data; critiquing opposing claims; and producing clear, credible reports and testimony. Attorneys and their clients have relied on our expertise in thousands of cases, both here and across the country.

Economic Expert

Our areas of concentration include:

What is a Forensic Economist?

A forensic economist is a specialized professional who applies economic principles, analysis, and methodologies to legal cases and disputes. They play a crucial role in evaluating and quantifying economic damages in various legal contexts. Forensic economists can assist in cases like personal injury claims, wrongful death cases, business litigation, and insurance disputes. CFES has a team of forensic economists who use their expertise to analyze financial and economic data and assess the impact of an event or incident on individuals or businesses.

We provide objective and credible economic evidence to support legal arguments and provide expert witness testimonials. The work involves conducting thorough research, applying economic theories and models, and preparing detailed reports and expert testimonies for use in court proceedings. Our goal as forensic economists is to assist legal professionals in understanding the economic implications of a case and to provide accurate and reliable economic analysis to aid in legal decision-making.

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