At the Center For Forensic Economic Studies we offer our clients a variety of economic support services in litigation including:

Affirmative damages reports

What is the total economic loss as a result from a certain event or events?

Both plaintiff and defense clients rely upon affirmative damages reports to determine the total economic loss from specific events. In affirmative reports we often calculate lost earning capacity, lost fringe benefits, the replacement value of household services, and the lifetime cost of future medical care. In the determination of the total economic loss we are also mindful of all necessary deductions including residual earning capacity, residual fringe benefits, personal consumption expenditures (death cases) and any legally required deductions for collateral benefit streams.

Critiques of the opposing economist’s analysis

When critiquing an opposing economist’s report, we critically examine the reasonableness of each assumption made. We examine the appropriateness of the methods employed from an economic and legal perspective. We also will reverse engineer the opposing economist’s conclusions to verify the accuracy of the calculations.

In providing a critique of the opposing economist’s report our goal is to assist our client in understanding the economic principles employed in the analysis and how various assumptions employed may have resulted in a likely misstatement of the true economic damages in the particular matter which results in an unreliable presentation of economic damages to the jury.

Topical outlines for deposing the opposing economist & outline of topics for cross-examination of the opposing economist at trial

Given the highly technical nature of economic loss reports we often assist clients in outlining depositions topics for the opposing economist’s deposition and provide cross-examination outlines for trial. There is no better way to go toe to toe with the opposing economist than to work with your economist in developing your line of inquiry. We also work with clients in understanding what areas of inquiry matter most with regard to the total economic damages presentation. We offer clients general areas of inquiry as well as detailed lines of examination.


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